The Chemical Materials Department handles heavy chemicals related to paper manufacturing, products made from tropical timber, etc.

Industrial casein

Characteristics Made from cow milk, this natural composite amino acid polymer (protein) has both hydrophilic and lipophilic properties. Among natural binders, it offers superior calender suitability with thermoplastic properties. This product offers good potential for other future applications, including as a substitute for plastic film used for food products.
Customers Paper pulp, Chemical binder, and sealing material manufacturers
Example processed goods Printing paper, bottle labels, sealing compounds
Example countries of origin Oceania, Europe, United States
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Environmental products

Characteristics We carry a wide range of environmental products. Particular emphasis is placed on the sale of high-quality urea for making AdBlue, which is used in urea SCR systems that treat exhaust such as NOx produced by diesel vehicles, and activated carbon made by Ajinomoto Fine-Techno that used widely to remove the color from and purify food products, drinks, and hard chemicals and for environmental purification such as waste water and exhaust treatment. We also sell waste tires for biomass power generation and do our part to reduce CO2 emissions.
Customers Food product, drink, and chemical manufacturers; waste treatment facilities
Example processed goods High-quality aqueous urea (AdBlue); removal of color from and purification of food products, drinks, and hard chemicals; waste water and exhaust treatment
Example countries of origin High-quality urea: China, Russia, Poland, etc.; activated carbon: Japan (made by Ajinomoto Fine-Techno Co.,Inc.)
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Organic chemicals

Characteristics These products are used widely in the paper pulp manufacturing process as Chemical binder, defoaming agents, preservatives, optical brightening agents, etc. Various chemical Chemical binder, stiffeners, retention agents, and other products are used in a variety of fields from construction materials to electronic materials. We offer both high-quality products made in Japan and cost-competitive products imported directly from overseas.
Customers Paper pulp, chemical, animal feed, and construction/building material-related manufacturers
Example processed goods Paper pulp products, adhesives, electronic material-related, concrete reinforcement
Example countries of origin Japan, China, Southeast Asia, Europe, United States
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Inorganic minerals/chemicals

Characteristics norganic minerals and chemicals are the basic raw materials used in various industries. Our Chemical Products Department utilizes the quality control expertise we have cultivated over many years to make the best selection according to the industry, whether it be the ceramic industry, civil engineering, or other industry. We provide total cost and other advantages by improving quality, optimizing by combining materials, and improving workability.
Customers Paper pulp, paint, and chemical product manufacturers; civil engineering/building material-related manufacturers
Example processed goods Paper products, paints, ceramics, civil engineering work
Example countries of origin Japan, United States, India, China
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Oriented strand board (OSB)

Characteristics This new material is gaining attention as a substitute for plywood, a traditional construction material. Thanks to sustainable forest management, it offers stable, uniform quality and a steady supply. OSB has also been approved as an authorized material for the Flat 35S low-interest home mortgage from the Japan Housing Finance Agency.
Customers Pre-cut housing manufacturers, housing manufacturers, house builders, packers
Example processed goods Load-bearing wall panels, roof beds, interior walls, box-type packaging
Example countries of origin Canada, Germany, Romania
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