Nissei Kyoeki holds 90 years of history as a specialized trading company that started when we began dealing in milk casein in 1932.

Presently, our Sales Division collaborates with three divisions: the Food Materials Division, the Chemical Materials Division, and the New Business Department that has been established outside of these. In this way, we proactively work to invigorate our sales activities. Moreover, the Research & Development Department provides strong assistance to the Sales Division on technical matters.

My vision for the future is an "All-in-one corporation that everyone wants to imitate, but that can be imitated by nobody." We are aiming to construct an organization that corresponds to the changes of the era, and for greater functionality and diversity as a specialized trading company. We are also taking on the challenge of creating new markets. To that end, we are increasing our collaboration with associated companies and overseas developments. We intend to carry these things out by cooperatively contributing ideas, and then trying them out with a spirit of enthusiasm.

Nissei Kyoeki's mission is "Offering new value to society and creating happiness together with the people who support manufacturing." Up until today, Nissei Kyoeki has moved forward together with such people who support manufacturing. However, rather than just moving forward together, in the future we will need to serve as a leader when offering new value. With a spirit of common profit, I hope for us to work in a way that brings happiness to our suppliers, clients, and many consumers as well.

We have created a corporate slogan in order to widely share this vision and mission with everybody: "Nissei Kyoeki, as a corporation that deals in happiness, works together to new value." By creating new value together, I hope that we can bring happiness to people, and also become happy with everyone as well.

President, Nissei Kyoeki Co., Ltd. Kazuo Kumagai

Kazuo Kumagai
President, Nissei Kyoeki Co., Ltd.