Environmental Policy

Basic philosophy
Nissei Kyoeki Co., Ltd. (“Nissei Kyoeki”) recognizes environmental problems as an important issue universal to humankind and adheres to the basic philosophy of “aspiring for harmony between humans and the Earth and engaging in better, more environmentally friendly business activities.”
Basic policy
As a trading company specializing in milk protein products as food materials, raw paper coating materials, heavy chemicals for chemical products, plywood, and building materials, Nissei Kyoeki observes the policy below in our business activities as we export, import, and sell these products.
  1. We will work to prevent environmental pollution with a constant awareness of the environmental impact of our business activities, products, and services.
  2. We will observe the environmental laws, regulations, conventions, etc. related to our business activities, products, and services.
  3. We will foster an awareness of environmental conservation in our employees and develop human resources that are capable of taking proactive steps to improve the environment.
  4. With respect to our business activities, products, and services that have an environmental impact, we will engage in the activities below to reduce that impact:
    1. 1)Promoting waste reduction and recycling
    2. 2)Promoting energy and resource conservation
    3. 3)Switching to and promoting the sale of environmentally friendly products


Kazuo Kumagai
President, Nissei Kyoeki Co., Ltd.